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Formed in late 2017 with musicians from several well-known central FL bands (as well as a popular band from central Ohio (Grey Matter), Stone Lotus fuses five decades of classic rock, blues, and contemporary tunes for your audio pleasure.

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The Stone Lotus Story


Formed in late 2017 with musicians from several well-known central FL bands (Running with Scissors, The Mob), as well as a popular band from central Ohio (Grey Matter), Stone Lotus fuses five decades of classic rock, blues, and contemporary tunes for your audio pleasure. With over 100 years of combined musical experience, Stone Lotus has developed a stage show that draws in the audience through its diverse set lists and crowd interaction. We are a female-lead singer driven band that has significant versatility, including harmonies and lead vocal contributions from several of “the boys”. We are a hard-driving band that loves to play classic rock (e.g., Allman Brothers Band, Pink Floyd, Boston, Jefferson Airplane, Free, Guns ‘n Roses), but can also mix it up with other musical genre’s such as mellow Rock (e.g., Eagles, Tom Petty, Journey), and soft ballads (e.g., Righteous Brothers). The band is dedicated to using its musicianship to help support a variety of charitable organizations, with a focus on cancer, Neuro-Oncology, and neurological illnesses.

Available for bar shows, festivals, weddings, parties, or charitable events.


Stone Lotus is “Your Brain on Peace, Love, and Music!”

Lead Vocals: Irene Wertley

Lead/Rhythm guitars: Rob Winter

Lead/Rhythm guitars/vocals: Scott Douglas

Bass guitar: Herb Newton

Drums & Percussion/vocals: Casey Kulscar

Keyboards/Vocals: Don Jensen


Herb Newton -





Herb in his element!

Herb “Doc Rock” Newton has had a long career in the medical profession for over 30 years, including a full academic career at the James Cancer Hospital in Ohio, as well as more recently at the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. He developed a love of music at a young age from his parents – his Father was a jazz drummer and his Mother was a trombone player in her youth – growing up during the British Invasion and the “classic era” of Rock and Roll. He played both classical piano and trombone for 10 years, before taking a break from music to play sports and pursue his medical career. He became inspired to begin playing music again by his children – Alex (violin and guitar) and Ashley (piano) – taking up the electric bass 12 years ago in Ohio, studying under the superb local bassist Daniel Hange, who moved on to become the bass player for the LA band Seven Lions. My main influences in learning the bass were Paul McCartney, John Entwhistle, Pino Pallidino, John Paul Jones, Billy Sheehan, and Bill Wyman. He then became the co-founder and bassist for the popular central Ohio band – Grey Matter, that played classic rock and blues for numerous charitable events and gigs over the years. Now that he has moved to central Florida, he has re-booted his musical career with the genesis of Stone Lotus.


Mark Kruger -


Lead/Rhythm guitars/vocals

Hello everyone!I am excited to be the newest member of Stone Lotus. I started taking piano lessons at age 8,violin in the 5th grade, but then the Beatles happened and I was hooked on Rock and Roll.

I am also a physician with Florida Emergency physicians of Team Health (Florida Hospital). I was 14 years old when I played in my first band (Anthroslave) with my older brother ( an accomplished musician and song writer). Other bands included the L Forms, Ectopic Rythms,Ultrasound,White Coat Syndrome, and Doug Brown and the Rockets. I enjoy performing and seeing people out having a good time.

Stone Lotus is a high energy in your face rock and roll band with some of the finest vocalists musicians I have ever worked with. Come out and see us in action-you won’t be disappointed.


Casey Kulscar -





Drums & Percussion/Vocals

The Drum Master

Music, like life, often has a way of making its own plans.

Sometime in 1989, my girlfriend left a cassette tape of RUSH’s “A Show of Hands” on the seat of my pickup truck. Why try? Why not! What came out of the stereo were sounds that would hook me and never let me go. I’d heard the band before, but this was different. It was live, bold, intoxicating. Soon after, I was glued to the VHS video of the concert, and then buying-up everything RUSH that I could get my hands on.

Before long, I had the realization that I wanted to not just listen to all the music that I loved, but also BE the music. I had always wanted to play the drums, and now I had my muse. I went to this strange land called the music store, and bought my first pair of sticks.

I’ve never looked back.

I found my natural talent, and before I knew it, I was cutting my musical teeth to the music that I loved, and that inspired me to grow: RUSH, Zeppelin, Floyd, The Who, U2, Primus, Metallica, Alice in Chains.

Through the years I have had the opportunity to play in some great rock bands, and make some great friends. I’m all about performing live, performing well, and giving people something that they can dance to, head-bang to, or just enjoy watching.

I’ll be seeing you… from the lighted stage!


Don Jensen -




The always-colorful Don!

IN THE BEGINNING: I started playing music at six and grew up playing the clarinet, baritone, tuba, drums, piano, and trumpet. Listening to a rock ‘n’ roll band for the first time, I was blown away by the raw emotional power of the Hammond B3 organ. Several years later, I bought that same organ, although old age finally took its toll. It’s now in Canada after I traded it in the summer of 2011 for my new black beauty! My greatest keyboard influences have been Gregg Rolie, Herbie Hancock and my favorite, Rick Wakeman.

ALONG THE WAY: I played in several bands, but then left music to get an electrical engineering degree, marry my college sweetheart, join the corporate world, and move to New Hampshire. My last good-bye before the family started was a summer dream playing on a Robert Morton Theatre Organ at the Forum in downtown Binghamton, NY. 3 tracks were recorded from those magical nights! But music kept calling me back with brass quintets, church services and original musical revues. In 2000, I moved my family to Florida and one day, several musicians at my company started a weekend band where we awed company music fans to some great rock 'n roll classics. I had to get back into the rock and roll scene! This led me next to a southern rock band, Kingstreet, and joined them in recording their second album, "Life's Too Short." This was followed with a great 5 year run with dance and rock band CLICKER until we finally retired the band in 2016.

TODAY: I am excited to be a member of Stone Lotus and look forward to spinning the B3 keys on some great classics with a wonderful group of talented musicians!



Rob Winter -


Rhythm Guitars

Rob in his element.

Through the heavy mist of the Mississippi delta emerged a young man with a guitar in one hand, a suitcase in the other, and a head full of dreams. That wasn’t me, but I thought this was an attention grabbing opening line. My formal musical training began way back in elementary school, playing trumpet and cornet in the school band. However, growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, it didn’t take long to figure out that guitar was king. The electric guitar and all the young “Gods” who played them had me under a spell. My fate was cast - my destiny had been decided. The Beatles, the British Invasion, the Eagles, the Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Skynyrd, and on and on. I loved all of it and I needed to get my hands on an “axe”.

Fast-forward to 1975, and the beginning of 15 years of very serious work. College, medical school, residency, and fellowship. Then 10 years of long days and nights establishing my vascular surgery practice. There wasn’t time for any serious musical endeavors. Then the light bulb came on in my head - I needed to start playing again. I got together with some guys & a gal around the end of 2001 and formed “Running With Scissors”. We’ve been together ever since, and we’ve played bars, clubs, and private events around Central Florida, and as far away as Miami. We cover popular music from the 60’s to present day, and there’s nothing more fun than engaging with the audience and getting them on the dance floor.

Enter Herb Newton and an invitation to launch Stone Lotus - a new band made up of a great bunch of musicians. I can’t stress enough how exited and flattered I am to play with this group - it’s like being on the all-star team! And it’s a reunion of sorts for me since our singer, Irene Wertley, is a “Running With Scissors” alumnus. If you love rock music, come out and hear Stone Lotus. I know you’re going to dig us.


Irene Wertley -




Lead Vocals

A gifted lead vocalist.

Originally from Long Island, New York, Irene began singing at age 8 to her mother's Carole King, Aretha Franklin, and Barbra Streisand albums. By age 10 she became interested in the theater and began performing in plays and musicals. In Junior High she was studying classical vocal compositions and by her first year in high school she began competing in all County competitions. By her junior year she was competing in Statewide classical vocal competitions where she received several gold medals and awards of “Outstanding” and “Excellence” for vocal performance, as graded by the New York State Music Association and the Board of the Juilliard School of Music. After High School Irene discovered rock and roll in the late 80’s, her family moved to the Orlando area in 1988. She was singing in a working band and playing the local club scene in the 90’s, where she was the co-founder of the band Blue Zen. In 1998 she discovered her love for writing and recording and began working on her first album – “Worlds Apart”. In 1999 she won best female vocalist in Orlando from MGM Studios and Mars Music. In the early 2000’s she was the front person and co-creator of the band “Running with Scissors”, who she stayed with until 2007. In 2005 she was in the studio again and recorded her second full-length album – “Frustration”. Irene has enjoyed music and the stage for 30 years and now is excited to be fronting Stone Lotus – a high-energy classic rock band.

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